Anybody else stoked for Spring???

We're almost a quarter finished with 2021! Insane how fast time flies! Here's a few updates looking into April and beyond.

The people have spoken! Looks like my Short Shoot Saturdays will be held in the SUMMER and FALL this year. Thanks to everyone that weighed in on that decision. More on which months those will be hosted by yours truly.

April 17th 2021 is the projected date I'll be available for regular sessions in the Marlette area. I'm scouting around for some new locations this year as well as looking forward to my old standby right in town. Do you know of any great spaces that would make for a beautiful photo session? Send me a message, I'd love to hear from you.

Jackson area friends I'm hoping to see more of you this year with another crack at GREENHOUSE SHORT SHOOTS in the month of April. Our friends at Becks here in town were kind enough to agree to host us last year before COVID came to town, so I'll be in touch with them again this year to see if they're up to allowing us to use their gorgeous greenhouse for photo sessions while all their flowers are in bloom. Message me if you're interested, or keep an eye out for more info on my Facebook page.

I truly hope you all have made it through this past winter without too many heartaches or difficulties. Last year was ridiculous - I hope to make some GOOD memories this year, and I hope you let me and my camera tag along while you make some too.

Until next month!

Because everyone has a story,