I’m so glad you're here! We may not even know one another yet, but I’m positive we have at least one thing in common:

We both love high-quality, genuine photographs that tell authentic stories of those we care for most.

I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by in your search for a storyteller to connect with and fashion your favorite moments into the best of memories. It’s a privilege unlike any other to be able to take intangible feelings and emotions and create something special to be enjoyed for years to come. I consider it the highest honor when someone asks me to capture a part of their life on camera.

 I could spend the next few paragraphs introducing myself (yes, I love coffee like every other girl boss out there) and my family (my paramedic husband IS the greatest though and we have the feistiest little kitty named Penelope), but we can get to know each other better at our session.

 But I do want you to know this – I’m offering you an invitation.

 I’m extending a warm welcome to come and see yourself and your life for what it truly is. A gift.

 If I can create something that reveals how beautiful your story is, and how strong and important you are, then my mission is complete. And that will always be my top priority with every single session we have together.

You’re the author of your story. Allow me to illustrate your favorite chapters with all the colors, textures, and richness that make you unique.

Your family will thank you years from now when they come together and find pieces of themselves in the faces they hold dear.

So send me a hello and let’s chat about YOUR story.

Really still want to know about some of my favorite things? Come find me on Instagram @the.laurakate.story and let’s be friends.

Because everyone has a story,