Welcome to the other side of Snowmaggedon

Winter's been in full force this month for Michigan! I am ecstatic for warmer weather, spring rain, and flowers, but I've lived here long enough to know we've got a ways to go before that happens.

Hopefully 2021 has been a major improvement from last year for everyone - I'm excited about staying in contact with you via some new avenues this year, including a monthly newsletter, letting you all know what's happening at LauraKathryn Photography.

Literally NOTHING has been happening around here lately as far as photo sessions, and with good reason. My family and I needed a bit of reset from last year, and my husband's second knee surgery recovery filled our time for the early part of 2021. But looking towards the ending of this month and onto March, I'm excited to get back at sessions on the weeknights and weekends, and seeing you all again!

For my Marlette/thumb area clients, I'll try to let you know at least one month in advance when I'll be available for sessions. Most often it will be one Saturday per month, with the exception of autumn and Christmas time when that could increase.

For MARCH, I plan to head north on Saturday 3/20/2021. I typically book between the hours of 11am-4pm, and eventually I'm hoping to have an online booking calendar that you can use to book your sessions in real time. For now, you can email, message, text, or call me to inquire about booking.

For my Jackson area clients I'm usually available for a portion of my Saturday unless I'm out of town. Weeknights are always an option to review as well, so just get in touch with me and we can review our options.

SHORT SHOOTS!! I think I want them to happen TWICE this year - but I want YOU to pick the seasons! Let me know if you're thinking a spring flowers/rain boots, or sand and sun/beachy vibe; orchards and cider mills/vibrant leaves, or winter wonderland/holiday festive. Weigh in, choose your favorite and I'll pick the top two to guide me when to host a Short Shoot Saturday.

That's all for now! I'll check back in next month! Here's to finishing out the winter strong. Stay safe, stay warm.


Short Shoot Poll

Let me know what season you'd like me to host a Short Shoot Saturday!