It's Springtime, Kids!

What a whirlwind month it's been - and for all the wrong reasons on my end.

On Easter Sunday things got a little hairy for my husband and I with some fun sickness, and it stuck around for a couple weeks, putting us both down for the count. Lots of tea, prayers, and a good amount of doing absolutely nothing has gotten us back on track and we're THANKFUL to be feeling much better than we were.

I've managed to still stay on task with booking some lovely spring photo sessions despite the snow coming in late last week (seriously, we shouldn't be surprised by now, it's Michigan) and I'm eager to finish up the month strong with a few more before May arrives in style.

Speaking of May, I do have a few more openings for my THUMB AREA CLIENTS on 5/22/2021. Get in touch if you'd like book before the craziness of the summer hits.


I'm looking forward to planning these for you in the month of JULY. I'll have two different weekends available for my summer mini sessions, one for the thumb area and another for right here in Jackson. Details to come, but keep an eye out for the dates once I decide on some weekends to host these.


I loved getting some feedback on when you wanted short shoots to happen. I'm thrilled to bring them back in the summer as well as the fall! But lets talk summer ideas - what are some places and spaces that you think would be really great for photos? Do you like beachy vibes? Sunlit meadows with wildflowers? What kind of setting would you like for summer minis to happen? Let me know below and we'll try to accommodate!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all this year! I'll be in touch!