Photo shoots are much more complicated than you may think.

Photographers and subjects alike will agree that life’s sweetest moments are often completely unrehearsed. But yet, we schedule an exact time to meet at a very specific location with our carefully planned wardrobe and practiced poses, intent on capturing contrived spontaneity in hopes it will appear effortless, relaxed, and natural within our 8x10 frame. The task at hand on either side of the camera is enormous. So why do we do it? There exists in all of us an innate sense of just how quickly our most treasured moments can pass us by. So we as photographers ask you to step aside from your inhibitions and insecurities, and we work to create a tangible evidence of those moments you want to always remember. And at the end of the day, you find it was worth it. Those precious fleeting seconds have now been turned into something permanent that can be enjoyed again and again. A photograph gives people a chance to hold on to a part of themselves or loved ones that may have been forgotten with the passage of years. And that’s what keeps me and thousands of other portrait photographers clicking away, whether they are amateur or pro. It’s what pushes us to take just one more shot, in hopes of securing that sweet, unguarded glance that tells your story more than a thousand words ever could.