1. Thou shalt remember at all times that this is not the first time your client has been marketed for this very product.

Have patience with us. If we blow off your efforts to sell us the latest and greatest, just keep in mind that this is probably the 7th time in the last month we've been approached. So give us space. And when you do offer, let us know in your own words, not scripted, why what you're selling is gonna be so great.

2. Thou shalt not stalk potential clients on Facebook in order to procure a sale.

Sorry, liking and commenting on every single post of mine will not push me to buy what you're selling. Let your product speak for itself. If the benefits are as amazing as you say, we won't need you to try to be our BFF in order to get us to buy it.

3. Thou shalt not engage in bashing competition.

We don't care how bad the other brand is - tell us how good YOUR brand is! This goes for individuals within your same company selling in a close proximity. If you know I buy the product or service elsewhere, bad-mouthing the local competition isn't going to get me to cross over to your side.

4. Thou shalt not lose your sense of humor.

Ahh, the internet. Land of memes and funny happenings drenched in sarcasm. There probably isn't one business, one product, one service that hasn't been destroyed by some sort of Youtube spoof. So don't lose your mind. The funniest things really do have some element of truth in them, ya know. Embrace it and laugh on.

5. Thou shalt not send Facebook friend requests in order to sell your product.

Until Facebook comes out with a "Potential Buyer Request" feature, please do not confuse the term "friend" with "client." When there's barely a comma in between the "Hey, how's your life going?" and "Would you like to buy this product?", that's a big turn off. If you're not interested in investing time and effort in a friendship outside the parameters of selling something, don't do yourself and us the disservice of pretending otherwise.

6. Thou shalt consider separating personal posts from business posts.

No doubt, your friends and family on social media are largely more interested in you and your personal life then the latest marketing phase the company you work for has rolled out. I understand better than anyone the convenience of online marketing. But I also know that not all of my friends share my passion for photography or have need of my services. They might not want to be constantly bombarded with what I'm selling and why it's so awesomesauce. That's where my BUSINESS PAGE comes in - an outstanding way to market the bejeebies out of those that choose to follow my business, and keep my friends less frustrated with their news feeds.

7. Thou shalt not be pressured to apply pressure.

Not all of us that try your product or service is going to want to take on the responsibility of actually selling said product. Please don't take it personal, or continue to push when it's obvious we're doing everything we can to escape the prospect of becoming a representative. Selling or hosting a party isn't for everyone. Just accept that, and find someone else that's super stoked to do so for you.

8. Thou shalt not be offended if we don't like your product.

It's not you, it's me. Really. We still think you're a super great person - we just don't like what you're selling. Or don't have the extra money. So don't go radio silent on us when we turn you down for a refill. If you're my friend, prove it by understanding it's just different strokes for different folks, that's all.

9. Thou shalt do your research when asked tough questions.

Know your product. We're not trying to trick you when we ask why we should buy what you're selling. And I really mean know your product. Find out what people are concerned with and explain to them why what you're selling is a good thing, and why their concerns are unfounded or misplaced.

10. Thou shalt not let your product/business/service define you.

I know what it's like to be passionate about something and want to share it with my community, friend and family alike. But I also get that photography is only one small facet of what defines me. There are a thousand people selling what you're selling - what chance do you have in convincing us to buy from you? The answer is simple. You. Simply be the hard-working, forthright, unique, honest, smart person you are. You might be pleasantly surprised how much better that will work in growing your business.