25. No joke is too stupid to tell if it elicits a laugh.

24. Flattery will get you everywhere during a photo session.

23. Dripping snot be can more difficult to clone out than zits.

22. Coffee isn't optional when you're still editing at 2am.

21. Clothing with pockets are invaluable.

20. Fancy camera doesn't = photographer.

19. Bribes are not to be frowned upon when dealing with the terrible two's.

18. "Just a few more shots" is my biggest lie. Ever.

17. There IS a reason I possess the ability to produce crazy voices and faces.

16. There is no face that is ugly.

15. There are thousands of photographers that could take that photo better than me. But not one of them will capture it exactly like I will.

14. There is no such thing as "enough photography equipment."

13. This business is a great way to meet amazing new friends.

12. Massage therapists are gifts from God after long days of shooting.

11. My favorite photograph will be my next one.

10. Fake it 'til you make it applies to all things except shooting wide open at an f/1.4 aperture with a wiggly 6 month old. Never stop practicing.

9. Creating art that turns into lasting keepsakes for families is highly addictive.

8. Details are what make or break all images.

7. Pinterest is my best frenemy.

6. Ducklips are insanely annoying.

5. Confidence isn't about the lack of fear. It's about agreeing to new things while still shaking in your boots.

4. I stink at blogging on a regular basis.

3. I never, ever put away my camera until my clients have exited the building/property. My last picture is often their most treasured.

2. It's not about the best props, or the most expensive equipment - it's about procuring that toothless, pudgy grin from your adorable 1 year old after a 15 minute meltdown over spilled jelly beans.

1. Everyone has a story worth telling.